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"Having a baby unlocks a love your heart never knew was missing.

Having a baby die unlocks a pain your soul never imagined possible"

RaeAnne Fredrickson

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Individual Therapy Services

What is individual therapy?

Individual therapy is psychotherapy implemented by a trained professional, usually a therapist, to help a client work through a problem. The ways that individual therapy is implemented varies widely depending upon the psychological issue experienced by the client, the personal beliefs and practices of the therapist, and the individual needs of the client.

Losing a pregnancy or a child at any age is traumatizing. It can impact parents, siblings, grandparents, and other family members and friends greatly. The way it impacts each individual can be vastly different as no two individuals grieve the same. Individual therapy may be a more suitable option for those that want to process their emotions in a more private one on one setting. 

(Child, Adolescent, & Adult)

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Postpartum Psychosis

Mood Disorders




Individual Therapy Services

Family Therapy Services

Family counseling is a form of psychotherapy that seeks to reduce distress and conflict by improving the systems of interactions between family members. While therapists working with families often seek to have all family members (affected by the problem) in the room, that is not always possible or necessary. What distinguishes family counseling from individual counseling is perspective or framework, rather than the number of people present at the counseling session. Family counseling views problems as patterns or systems that need adjusting as opposed to residing in a person.  This is why family counseling is often referred to as a “strengths based treatment.”

Our providers feel strongly that family’s come in all shapes and sizes. At Birchwood, we define a “family member” as anyone who plays a long-term supportive role in one’s life, which may not always mean blood relations or family members in the same household.

Marriage, Couples, & Family Counseling

  • Behavioral concerns

  • Family dynamics

  • Divorce / Blended families

  • Communication enhancers

  • Relationship strain

Often pregnancies, and the addition of children in the home can add an increase in mental health symptoms. This can impact not just mothers, but fathers, children, and other family members as well. This can be especially true when a family experiences a loss of a pregnancy or of a child. Family counseling can help a family work through those heavy emotions and offer support during a difficult time. 

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Family Therapy Services
Support Group

Group Therapy Services

What should I expect?​

Group therapy involves one or more therapists who lead a group of roughly three to eight clients. Typically, groups meet for an hour each week. Some people attend individual therapy in addition to groups, while others participate in groups only.

Many groups are designed to target a specific problem, such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or grief. Other groups focus more generally on improving social skills, helping people deal with a range of issues such as anger, mindfulness, loneliness and low self-esteem. Many of the groups offered with Addie's Angels support hope and healing with Perinatal disorders, and grief and loss. 

Benefits of a group​

Joining a group of strangers may sound intimidating at first, but group therapy provides benefits that individual therapy may not. Mental Health Professionals say, in fact, that group members are almost always surprised by how rewarding the group experience can be.

Groups can act as a support network and a sounding board. Other members of the group often help you come up with specific ideas for improving a difficult situation or life challenge, and hold you accountable along the way.

Regularly talking and listening to others also helps you put your own problems in perspective. Many people experience mental health difficulties, but few speak openly about them to people they don’t know well. Oftentimes, you may feel like you are the only one struggling — but you’re not. It can be a relief to hear others discuss what they’re going through, and realize you’re not alone.

More than support​

While group members are a valuable source of support, formal group therapy sessions offer benefits beyond informal self-help and support groups. Group therapy sessions are led by one or more therapists with specialized training who teach group members proven strategies for managing specific problems. If you’re involved in an anger-management group, for instance, your therapist will describe scientifically tested strategies for controlling anger. This guidance can help you make the most of your group therapy experience.

Please contact us for available group options

Group Therapy Services

Hospital Services

Addie’s Angels offers hospital services to families wishing to have a therapist visit them in their hospital room. Our therapists offer a safe space for your family to express their emotions. They can help you work with hospital staff to carry out your wishes and needs. Further, they can provide you insight and guidance on navigating your family’s unique circumstance.

Hospital Services
Flower Arrangement

Funeral Support

Addie’s Angels offers our families help to organize their loved one’s memorial or funeral service. We will meet with families and their chosen service director to provide guidance and ideas. At the parents’ request, Addie’s Angels will attend services to offer emotional support.

Funeral Services
Therapy Session

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